The Ultimate Party for Awful Adults – Cards Against Humanity

Party Games For Adults – What is ‘Cards Against Humanity?’

We all eventually reach the age where childhood pursuits need to be left behind in favour of adult behaviour. Some people are able to make that transition quite smoothly, but there are many more who are dragged, kicking and screaming into adulthood. Gone are the days of acting the fool and saying awful things that you only get away with because you are a kid that doesn’t know any better. We all yearn for those days when we could behave poorly, even if only for a little bit, but you can relive those days by throwing a house party that has Cards Against Humanity as the centrepiece.

Cards Against Humanity Australia

How to Play Cards Against Humanity

If you haven’t already heard, Cards Against Humanity is a game where you win by delivering the most shocking answer possible. The cards are split into black and white groups, with the black card serving as an open-ended statement that can be completed with the answers on the white cards. One player gets to judge the answers chosen by the other players, with the most awful and politically incorrect responses being the ones that get all the glory. This is the chance to take adult party night to all new levels of debauchery, so what’s not to love?

Get Creative

The fact that the cards in the Cards Against Humanity game are black and white gives you the opportunity to get a little creative with creating a theme. Since we are talking about party games for adults, you can make your night as risqué as possible perhaps even demanding that those who are coming to play the game do so in black or white attire that may be more at home in the bedroom than in the family den. It goes without sitting that you may want to arrange a sleepover for the kids at a friend’s house when all of this is going down.

Make It A Drinking Game

Good house parties usually involve copious amounts of booze, so why not keep with the black and white theme by making sure that Guinness is on the beer menu. This can be used as a reward or a punishment within the game, depending of course on how much each player likes or hates the drink. Guinness is a bit of an acquired taste, so perhaps save it for those players not fond of that most delicious Irish brew by having them take a shot of it every time they finish dead last.

Make It Your Own

When you are putting together a Cards Against Humanity theme party, the people that you invite should be the friends who are crass, funny, and pretty much up for anything that you throw at them. If the cards included with the game aren’t quite awful enough for you, which may end up happening as the night goes on, create your own statements and answers. This is perhaps the best way to get a no-holds barred round of the game going, and also a good way to figure out which of your friends may be the most likely to see some jail time.

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