Cards For Humanity – Play Online & Donate to a Children’s Charity

Thanks to the popularity of the infamous Cards Against Humanity game, a variety of spin-offs and custom content have been created by fans all over. The most notable initiative, Cards For Humanity, takes the game-playing online while raising money for the Make-A-Wish foundation. They say it’s “a fast-paced online game for horrible people desperately trying to do good.”

You can register an account or play as a guest and will have to wait a little while for others to join your game. Interesting concept, though it’s still in its early stages where I didn’t have the patience to wait over 2 minutes for 5 other players to join in. There is an option to send the link to your friends so you can play together online.

How To Play
  1. Each player begins with, and will always have, 10 white answer cards.
  2. For each round, one player is randomly chosen as the Card Czar.
  3. Everyone else answers the black question card by clicking on the answer card they want to use.
  4. The Card Czar then picks a favorite answer, and whoever played that answer wins the round.
  5. *Want to adorn your avatar with a glorious crown? Donate to charity after the game!

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